Mouth-watering food for monsoon cravings

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Mouth-watering monsoon recipes


It’s the time of the monsoon. When the clouds burst over the warm streets, entire environment become cool and pleasant. After a couple of showers, the city becomes green, fresh grass and leaves on trees sway in pleasure. Atmosphere become romantic. You’re going to have that desire to sit by your window and want to have yummy food. Monsoon is the season for hot food items. Pune city has beautiful rains and it is the perfect weather for some piping snacks and hot sips.

In Pune, monsoon changes the entire landscape of the city and it’s not just the city’s landscape that goes into change but it’s the mood of whole city as well which welcomes the rainy season with open hearts and happiness. It’s commonly noted to avoid getting wet in rains to prevent sickness but there are many people who prefer to get wet in nature’s shower and cool off. During such activities, it’s impossible to ignore the desire for something crispy and hot. Pune offers quite a number of places where you can visit during the monsoon season.

In monsoon you will really enjoy Masala Chai, Samosas, Bhajiyas, and Aloo Pakoda with Green Chutney in famous restaurants in Pune. People relish these recipes especially in the monsoon due to the warm & crispy essence which is ideally suited for the wet & cold season.  People also tend try out new recipes & beverages during the monsoon to thoroughly enjoy the drizzly-cold atmosphere.

Partying during the monsoon is a different fun all together. You can either choose Monsoon centred dishes or drinks which suit your taste and preference. The family restaurant in Pune is an ideal place where you can enjoy the monsoon thoroughly. With a wide of variety of snacks and food items, you will really love the monsoon season.


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