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It is not easy to run a restaurant business. Almost all of your time consumed by the business and one needs to be highly alert. Administration responsibilities, restaurant interiors and ambiance, food hygiene, food quality etc. cannot be ignored.

A restaurant owner’s efforts are equally distributed in all the areas mentioned above and he cannot risk the chance of ignoring any one of these aspects. A serious trouble can be occurred if one of the factors is ignored. Therefore though this business is highly profitable, it involves huge patience, eye for detail, consistency and most important a passion to work persistently.

Ensuring people that no one falls sick after dining his restaurant is the biggest challenge for the restaurant owner. Any small complaint on the inferior quality of the food served can spread like a fire and the consequences shall be tragic. Therefore, utmost attention on daily basis to each and every corner of the restaurant should be given.

All should be clean and hygienic, right from kitchen to dining area. The quality standards of food preparation should be maintained. In air-tight containers food and the ingredients should be stored. Waste food should be discarded and not to be re-used. The staff should strictly observe cleanliness in the kitchen. Regular pest control should be done and proper care should be taken while doing this activity. The chopping boards, utensils, kitchen platform, etc. should be thoroughly cleaned and used thereafter.

The hotel in aundh has gained enormous popularity because it is taking care all these things mentioned above. This restaurant in aundh Pune is known for its yummy food recipes and a wonderful ambiance. Hygiene and food safety are strictly followed so as to ascertain the safety measures.



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