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Before Independence, Indian cuisine was influenced by Mughals, Portuguese and British cuisines. With the changes in the climatic circumstances, different parts of the people in India consume variety of dishes. In Northern part of India, the climate is dry and the people like to have roti, naan and paratha as their staple food. In the Southern part of India, the climate is humid and the people like to have rice as their major diet. A simple Indian diet consists of vegetables, grains, and dairy products.

The traditional way of preparing Indian snacks have been transferred from one generation to another generation. The culture, tradition and the beliefs of the people in the region reflects the way of cooking Indian food. Indian snacks are always mouth-watering for anybody. Indian snacks are known for its crispiness and flavours. An Indian meal is always considered to be an incomplete meal without a delicious desert.

The ingredients required for the Indian food are readily available in the stores and super markets.

Most of the spicy Indian recipes need onions, ginger, garlic, and the green chillies. Indian food acquires international reputation because of the rich flavors and the spices. For garnishing the recipe, coriander or cilantro leaves are must. To experience you the best Indian food, Red chili powder adds Indian zest in Indian cuisines. The aroma of the Indian recipe increases with the addition of garam masala and that can stimulate anybody’s appetite.

Kate Middleton craved for Indian vegetable curry cooked by her neighborhood Indian couple during her pregnancy. Even Hollywood star Tom cruise, American president Barack Obama and Latin sensation Shakira prefers to have an Indian food in their menu. The popularity of the Indian food on International Platform is crystal clear and hence many Indian restaurants are originating across the world. Restaurants in Pune have also the good quality of Indian food where people can have variety of food as well as different types of thalis.



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