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Indian food is very famous amongst foreigners from all across the world. Unlike other vegetarian delicacies found in different countries, Indian vegetarian cuisine is quite different. It is spicy, tasty and tangy. Many people have perception that vegetarian food is all about a bowl of lettuce salad and lentils. Vegetarian cuisine is more than that. Especially the Indian vegetarian cuisine, which has uncountable dishes under its cover. Out of the various Indian veg dishes, the Indian Thali is an all-time favourite not just amongst Indians but also many foreign nationals.

There are many Indian vegetarian good restaurants in Pune that display the thali as their special dish not just for the locals but also the emigrants who has desire of Indian food in the foreign land. The thali is preferred by many people because it is affordable, delicious and flavoursome. Especially it has variety of dishes which may include rice, curds, chapatti, two or three veggies, pickle, salad, sweet dish and some other arrangements. The contents of the thali differ from state to state. For instance, the Gujarati thali will be different from the Maharashtrian thali. The spices and condiments used as well as the portions served differ from region and region.

If you want to have vegetarian food, you can visit any hotel on baner road. Though many restaurants are vegetarian, there are also restaurants who serve non-veg food. However, the vegetarian restaurants are constantly popular among foodies all across the world. You will get really good vegetarian food in hotels in baner Pune . Restaurants are making a brisk business all over the world. Compared to other family restaurants where dining is mostly expensive, hotels on baner road are popular as they are not just affordable but also provide an excess of delicious meals. Indian vegetarian food is appreciated by non-vegetarians too because of its delicious taste.



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