Enjoy Biryani and Kebab Festival at Hotel Bhairavee

Biryani and Kebab Festival

Biryani and Kebab Festival


Enticing smell of succulent Kebab and rich aroma of steaming hot Biryanis if that sounds a perfect Treat you have every reason to visit the Biryani & Kebab Festival at Bhairavee Pure Veg. Come along with family or friends for a tempting tour to the world of aromatic flavors of age old traditional Mughlai & Afghani Cuisine that would create a tingling in your taste buds made from the secret recipe of expert chefs with well chosen exotic spices & ingredients. Enjoy your weekend with this hotel in baner Pune.

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Hotel Bhairavee,

Varsha Park, Baner, Pune

Contact: +918888480008 / +912065260055


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