Restaurant in aundh Pune

No matter how busy you are in work and office, the restaurants works as the ultimate place to relax and have a great time. There are many family restaurants in the Pune city which can help in making your day a wonderful one. There are many restaurants near hinjewadi IT Park. Talking about the restaurants [...]

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Maintain hygiene at restaurants

  It is not easy to run a restaurant business. Almost all of your time consumed by the business and one needs to be highly alert. Administration responsibilities, restaurant interiors and ambiance, food hygiene, food quality etc. cannot be ignored. A restaurant owner’s efforts are equally distributed in all the areas mentioned above and he [...]

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Enjoy Biryani and Kebab Festival at Hotel Bhairavee

  Enticing smell of succulent Kebab and rich aroma of steaming hot Biryanis if that sounds a perfect Treat you have every reason to visit the Biryani & Kebab Festival at Bhairavee Pure Veg. Come along with family or friends for a tempting tour to the world of aromatic flavors of age old traditional Mughlai [...]

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Indian food is gaining popularity on International platform

  Before Independence, Indian cuisine was influenced by Mughals, Portuguese and British cuisines. With the changes in the climatic circumstances, different parts of the people in India consume variety of dishes. In Northern part of India, the climate is dry and the people like to have roti, naan and paratha as their staple food. In [...]

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Hotel Bhairavee: A pure veg restaurant

  Indian food is very famous amongst foreigners from all across the world. Unlike other vegetarian delicacies found in different countries, Indian vegetarian cuisine is quite different. It is spicy, tasty and tangy. Many people have perception that vegetarian food is all about a bowl of lettuce salad and lentils. Vegetarian cuisine is more than [...]

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Mouth-watering food for monsoon cravings

  It’s the time of the monsoon. When the clouds burst over the warm streets, entire environment become cool and pleasant. After a couple of showers, the city becomes green, fresh grass and leaves on trees sway in pleasure. Atmosphere become romantic. You’re going to have that desire to sit by your window and want [...]

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Enjoy the festive season in Pune

Hotels on baner road   Pune is not only cultural capital of Maharashtra but also the second largest city in Maharashtra. There is a great fusion of traditional and modern lifestyle. Also, it is known as a huge IT hub in Maharashtra. As result, there are students and professionals from various parts of India come [...]

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Enjoy your vacation here

  Hotel Bhairavee is one of the good restaurants in Pune. Greatest satisfaction provided to customers by this hotel. Also, this hotel fit your budget. Hotel Bhairavee is always ready to welcome you. It is very spacious and well maintained hotel which have all the amenities make you feel at home. It provides facilities such [...]

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One of the best budget hotel in Pune

  Pune is a must visit once city in Maharashtra and will give pleasure to those who love traveling. If you do not have much money in pocket then no need to worry, you can still visit Pune as there are many budget hotels in Pune. These hotels are very good and you can stay [...]

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Cool Family Restaurant in Pune

  Pune city is the cultural city of Maharashtra. After Mumbai it is the second fastest developing city in Maharashtra. Why this city is improving so fastest? Here, are the reasons. Pune is an IT hub and it has different tourist places also it is famous for its educational institutions. Because of all these reasons, [...]

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